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EBA Purpose

The Counseling Center recognizes the connections of ethical behavior to the physical, psychological and spiritual health of the community, as explored in the Scriptural story of the Good Samaritan. The Center affirms the influence of employment practices, business conduct and workplace conditions on mental health. In sponsoring the Ethics in Business Awards, the Center is promoting ethical practices in our communities, encouraging local businesses, agencies and individuals to aspire to be considered for the awards. The awards also serve as a way for the Center to raise its public profile and to raise money for the Center’s operation.

EBA Selection Process

The Adirondack Samaritan Counseling Center Board of Directors worked closely with SUNY Adirondack’s second-year business ethics class to develop a rigorous and quantitative analysis to measure the ethical behavior of each of the nominees. The Center recognizes the unique challenges of “measuring” ethics, and criteria were established to review nominees’ core values such as integrity, fairness, honesty, community involvement and public service.

A broad range of attributes are reviewed, including:

  • history and reputation for ethical business practices
  • tone at the top of the organization that reinforces the importance of ethics
  • a business culture that supports compliance with laws and regulations
  • strong ethics and conflict of interest policies and codes of conduct
  • explicit set of core values that guide behavior
  • effective risk management practices
  • effective strategies to detect and prevent misconduct
  • ethically responsive behavior when organizational mistakes have been discovered
  • engagement of employees in volunteerism and community service
  • breadth and depth of support for charitable and philanthropic causes
  • emphasis on employee health and safety
  • promotion of diversity