Aug 222017

By Robin Larkin

Self-care are activities and habits that we do on a regular basis that help us function better. By putting a self-care plan into practice, we can lower our stress levels, perform better professionally and personally, and stay healthier. Your self-care plan should include physical, emotional, spiritual, and mind categories. We are all unique beings so what those categories mean to us and what we need to do in those areas will be unique to each of us. Basically, a self-care plan creates a plan for what we need to do to keep a sound mind, body, and spirit. A sound body may need a daily walk, gym workout or a weekly volleyball game. A sound mind may need a daily crossword puzzle or weekly stimulating conversations. A sound spirit may mean time in nature or a weekly yoga practice. Your self-care plan is your individual blueprint to a healthier, less stressful life.

Introduction to Self-care.