Feb 222017

By Robin Larkin

Another example of a one minute meditation is a kindness meditation. Take one minute to do something kind for someone else. A quick text or email takes only a minute. Holding the door for the person behind you or reaching an item on a shelf for someone in the grocery store are also examples of one minute kindness meditations.

Research tells us that people who make a habit of showing kindness to others are happier both immediately and in the long run. Your kindness meditations should be thoughtful and based on feelings of goodwill, not something else to check off on your to-do list. Done often enough, showing kindness to others will become a habit and an extra layer of happiness will insulate you against the stresses of daily life.

Maybe the person who needs a kindness is you. Feeling tired and worn out? Show yourself kindness with a compliment for a crisis handled well or a temper held in check during the stressful morning commute. Take an extra minute to enjoy your morning coffee or gaze out at the sunset outside your window.

We can increase our happiness level and decrease our stress levels with a one minute kindness meditation. Make showing kindness to others and yourself a habit and reap the benefits. It only takes a minute to show someone you care. And the benefits can be life-long.

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